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Our Passion

Wishcoin seamlessly combines the charitable sector with the crypto world, changing lives in the process. Wishcoin addresses some of the largest challenges faced by altcoins, lack of mainstream awareness, confidence and adoption. The select few coins that achieve the aforementioned, grow exponentially in value. Wishcoin provides a compelling, logical reason for adoption, whilst also benefiting from operating within the charitable industry, one built on widespread awareness and close corporate partners.
The compelling reason is the Wishcoin fund, 50% of the coincap is held within the fund and via drip fed donations, this fund directly benefits charities worldwide. Any charity that receives a pledge of coins, will be encouraged to promote and adopt the coin whilst also introducing our team to their corporate partners, all of which increase the value of the coins that they are due to receive. Through our core team of high accomplished, industry specific individuals, we have over 60 years’ worth of charitable experience and contacts, whilst also benefiting from decades of business and technical expertise. We aim to have donated $4 million to charities by Q1 2018, to have been featured extensively on mainstream media sources and to have partnered with 20 major charities. We aim to further build on our brand awareness throughout Q2 2018, to facilitate the further expansion of Wishcoin, incorporating Asia, North America and Russia into the brand awareness campaign throughout 2018/2019.

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What makes Wishcoin so Special?

A recipe for success


Built on leading blockchain technology and using digitally-secured operational contracts, Wishcoin is one of the safest, most secure and reliable digital currencies for the future.


Wishcoin is based on building a secure economical digital currency for use in the real world, whilst generating vast sums of money for charities worldwide.


With our fundamental core values and adoption projections, we expect Wishcoin to grow exponentially once live. For these reasons, we believe Wishcoin makes for the perfect investment opportunity.

Join us on our Road Map

Q1 2018

Have Wishcoin listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitcoin profit, bittrex and Binance. Have donated $6 million to charities, integrated Wishcoin as a method of donation and have launched a point of sale option for retailers and charties alike.

Q2-4 2018

Wishcards to be made available to the public whereby payments may be taken through contactless cards. Further expansion into hundreds of retailers, building on the reputation that has been generated thus far. Begin marketing Wishcoin to Asia, North America and Russia.


$240 million donated to charities to date. Expand on the adoption that has been achieved to date, focusing on the benefits to the retailer and the altruistic nature of Wishcoin. Become one of the top five most commonly trading Altcoins. Expand operations into South America, India and Africa.


$1 billion donated to charities to date. Wishcoin to be the most adopted and utilised Altcoin. Wishcoin to be adopted by larger towns and cities as a form of ‘local currency’ in exchange for a pledge of Wishcoins made to local community causes.

Core Team

Robert McLean
Robert is a serial entrepreneur, currently CEO of The British Property Awards, one of the largest awarding bodies within the UK residential sector, judging thousands of agents each year. Robert has sold a successful estate agency that he personally built and has brokered commerical office space in London for a number of years. Robert co-founded Wishcoin to utilise his business experience within an altrustic marketplace, firmly believing that Wishcoin can revolutionise fundraising, creating stronger corporate links whilst changing the face of cryptocurrency.
John Davies
John has extensive business systems development & management experience. With interest in application development, John adopted CSS, Javascript and SQL early. John is experienced in programming Java, VB, VB.NET and C#, and coding primarily with the PHP language; building corporate management tools for businesses globally. John operates J-D.Design, and has been lead developer on a cutting-edge website management system due for release in 2018.
Joleon Lescott
Joleon has had an accomplished career in football, playing professionally for Premiership teams such as Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion and Everton over the past 17 years, including 6 years representing England. Joleon’s altruistic nature lead him to be pivotal in the creation, structure and progression of Wishcoin. Through both social media, traditional media and his extensive set of contacts, Joleon will continue to be a driving force behind Wishcoin.
Howard Lake
Senior Advisor
Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. He has published UK Fundraising (fundraising.co.uk) since 1994, helping charity fundraisers make the most of digital tools. He has worked in fundraising since 1988 for Oxfam GB, Afghanaid and Amnesty International UK. He wrote the world's first book on digital fundraising (1996), and has trained thousands of fundraisers in digital fundraising since then. A Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising, he is Chair of the judges for the National Fundraising Awards, and founded the Fundraising Camp event series.
Mal Mccallion
Senior Advisor
Mal McCallion has been involved in a number of significant, innovative and successful new technology ventures, including Zoopla and Primelocation. His interest in Wishcoin stems from an ongoing desire to harness technology to help those in need, something that unites his long experience in – and enjoyment of – the tech space with his Degree in Social Policy and Social Work, some 25 years ago.
Chris Madden
Senior Advisor
Chris has developed UK and international donor support for 13 years+ and his work has been recognised by the Institute of Fundraising - winning the prestigious award for ‘best donor development campaign’. Chris has defined cash growth strategy for one of the UK’s largest charity brands. Chris is responsible for raising £40+ million of new donations across a range of charity products including regular giving (restricted and unrestricted income), cash appeals and mid value donor programmes.

Exceptional Workforce

Gary McLean Hall
Senior Developer
Stephanie Hughes
Marketing Manager
Philip Crow
Head of Skills Development
Saran Jones
Research Manager
Richard Fitzgerald
Senior Development Analyst
Michael Lees
Technical Manager
Gerald Martin
Data & Development Manager
Nicholas Evans
Financial Advisor
David Gregory
Public Relations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wishcoin?
Wishcoin is a tradable speculative cryptocurrency.
What role does the Wishcoin Foundation fulfil?
The Wishcoin foundation is a not-for-profit company which both manages the Charitable Wishcoin fund and also furthers the awareness, adoption and ultimately the price of Wishcoin. Through carefully chosen charitable contributions and skilful PR, the foundation team ensures that Wishcoin receives on-going coverage within mainstream media. Through such contributions, the Wishcoin foundation with forge ever stronger relationships, ensuring increased adoption from both charities and their corporate partners alike.
What will determine the price of Wishcoin?
The price of Wishcoin is determined by market forces whilst being heavily influenced by the action of the Wishcoin Foundation detailed above.
What is the Wishcoin Charitable fund?
The Wishcoin Charitable fund is a large set of multi-sig accounts that hold 250 million Wishcoins. The coins within the fund are distributed to charities in a drip-fed manner over the course of ten years. The fund is managed by senior members of the Wishcoin foundation, alongside trusted senior advisors to ensure the highest levels of security.
What is a multi-sig account?
A multi-signature account is a wallet with multiple addresses which are required in order to approve any single transaction. This adds an additional layer of protection to the account, which stops any funds being transferred without the authorisation of all signaturies.
Who can accept Wishcoin?
Anyone with a MyEtherWallet.com account can send and accept Wishcoin.
What does a Wishcoin cost during the ICO?
Wishcoins cost $0.10 during the ICO.
How do I send and receive Wishcoin?
Wishcoin is sent and received via MyEtherWallet.
How long will it take until I receive Wishcoin in my wallet?
You will receive your Wishcoin within 10 to 15 days.
When will Wishcoin be listed on the exchanges?
Wishcoin will be listed on exchanges by the end of the 1st quarter 2018.
Which exchanges will Wishcoin be listed on?
We are currently reviewing potential applications for exchanges, which will be used to trade Wishcoin, and monitor its financial growth.
What is the total supply of Wishcoin?
Wishcoin’s total supply is limited to 500 million until 31st October 2028. Thereafter 20 million coins (4% coin cap) will be added to the Wishcoin Charitable Fund each year.
Can I buy more coins if I have already purchased some?
Yes, until the ICO reaches its cap
How to register a new MyEtherWallet wallet?
To create a new wallet. visit MyEtherWallet.com and enter a password for your new wallet. Click on "Create New Wallet" and proceed to secure your account. Wallet creation usually takes under 5 minutes.
How do I invest?
You need to have a cryptocurrency wallet (check out Coinbase) in order to purchase Wishcoin, and you need to create a MyEtherWallet.com in order to receive Wishcoin. You can invest from the Wishcoin website by clicking on "Invest" above.
Can U.S. residents participate in sale?
No, residents of the United States can't participate in the Wishcoin ICO because of the US laws. You can participate in the Wishcoin ICO if you are neither a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.
What are the terms and conditions for the ICO?
Please view the full terms and conditions here
Why Wishcoin ICO?
Almost all Altcoins struggle to create any mainstream awareness or adoption as they are in the shadows of a few dominant coins within the marketplace. Wishcoin combines Cryptocurrency with the charitable industry, one that relies on widespread awareness and strong corporate connections. Within our team we have the man who literally wrote the book on Digital Fundraising for charities in 1994 and has spent 30 years building strong connections with some of the largest charities. Wishcoin is not reliant on new technology that hasn’t been developed, it relies solely on a sound business model, providing charities with much needed donations, creating awareness of such donations through the both the charities PR team and our own, using such donations to encourage the adoption of Wishcoin within charities and as an extension moving into commercial partners, by demonstrating how much could achieved if they adopted the coin. In a nutshell, Wishcoin is the first Altcoin that provides a truly compelling reason why it should be adopted over or alongside one of the dominant coins.


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